Golden sand beneath your feet!
Just 500 meters away and for sure one of the most beautiful is Gerakas Beach. It consists of a long sand tongue ending in a small promontory diving into the sea. As this is a protected beach do not expect peddlers selling their wares, but just the sound of the waves gently rolling into shore. We are very proud of this beach for the
stunning views and the cleanliness of it. It is very important that you respect this beach, please visit for more information on how you can help.
Members of Sea Turtle & Wildlife Information Centre have placed signs on the beach which inform visitors about the protective measures of the egg laying of Caretta-Caretta. Archelon volunteers patrol the beach during the tourist season advising people of the preventative measures they can take in ensuring the beach remains unspoilt. Visit for news updates on the beach and surrounding areas.
So if you get tired of lounging in the garden or patio area, a short stroll (passing a couple of Taverna’s if you feel the need of a cooling pit-stop drink! and mini super market) will take you to this lovely beach. Sun beds and fixed parasols are readily available at a local fee, should you decide to stay for the day. Be adventurous and try snorkeling or take a leisurely walk in the surrounding hills, the downdrop views of the beach are breathtaking.
Just a 10 minute walk from the villa will lead you to the beautiful Porto Roma Beach again passing a few tavernas and a mini super market on the way. The delightful fish restaurant at Porto Roma Bay boasts spectacular views and has its own marina set amongst the rocks. Time rolls very slowly
here so pick a lunch or evening when you are in no rush.
St Nicholas Beach is a 5 minute drive and has an array of water sports to offer including wind surfing, water skiing, diving and many other water sports and facilities. Several tavernas & restaurants to choose from, all within walking distance.
Banana Beach is a 15 minute drive and is actually two beaches in one. The main beach is decked with sunbeds and has a beach bar tucked away in the pine forests and is very popular with younger people. The second beach lies just around a rocky headland and is
one of the islands semi-official nudist beach.
Porto Roma Beach
At the top of the Skopos mountain just to the back of the town of Argassi is a small monastery built in the 15th century to honour the Holy Mother. From here it is possible to view the entire island with unforgettable landscapes that the Venetians appreciated and to which they gave the name Belvedere. It was built on the ruins of the ancient temple of Artemis in Byzantine style.
Among the artists who contributed to the magnificence of this Church is the painter Doxara and the Chaser Bafas who engraved the silver reliquary in where the mortal remains of Saint Dionysios lay. The bell tower is surrounded by numerous bulbs and during the night creates a spectacular view.
Keri Caves, accessible only by sea with private boats or marine excursions, has developed along the promontory of Marathia Cape in the south west area of the island. While visiting the caves it is possible to stop and swim or sunbathe
in many of the small coves. The Ionian Ocean boasts clear turquoise green waters.
We cannot omit the enjoyment to be had in the southern part of the island. The main towns boast every sort of shop, bar restaurant and discos. With plenty of beer and wine where you can dance and have fun until the early hours should you desire. Try Laganas, Kalamaki, Argassi, Tsilivi and Alykes!
St Dionysios Church is the biggest in the city and is dedicated to the protector of the Island it is located along the main road of the harbour.It was built in 1948 and survived the 1953 earthquake. Its bell tower stands out among the different buildings and is recognisable as soon as you enter the Port.
Adult Turtle
Gerakas Beach
Young Caretta - Caretta
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Ionian Nature Conservation

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